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An immigrant doctor named Saeed, fearing deportation during an increasingly hostile political climate, has escaped to the forest and lives off-grid. He has lived in isolation for years, with no communication or information from civilization at large.
But one day Saeed comes across the body of a man in the woods. He learns that it belongs to a racist inflammatory politician named Robert, who has been kidnapped. The former doctor decides to care for the politician, but the gap between them proves too far to bridge.

#samaritan is the new ‘Kino Original’ short film that our very own @theodore.salisbury.official worked on last year, as the films Makeup Designer. 🗝

It was premiered on @omeletocom on the 23rd of March and is now available to be watched and streamed online, to watch please click the link in @kinoshortfilm bio or search ‘Samaritan’ into YouTube📲

Writer & Director: Dustin Curtis Murphy
Producers: Addy Raja & Nicci Brighten
Starring: Chris Kyriacou & Peter Ormond



We have reached a new milestone as Exilian Pro finally offers a wealth of over 24 hours worth of information passed on from artists all over the world to help other artists, like you, find motivation to discover new skills & knowledge in different departments in the film industry.


exilian studios official - NEW TRAILER release

We are very excited to finally be able to share with you the release of the official trailer for “Independent Filmmakers”, a New Documentary Series that Exilian Studios began producing last year! 

This trailer gives you a sneak peak of what is to come in 2022.