About Us

Founded in 2014 by Makeup Designer Theodore R Salisbury, Exilian Studios was set up for performance in the Film & Television industry.

Our work has been featured in multiple countries such as America, Italy, France, Brazil, China, Austria, Hungary, Ireland, Spain and Germany. The characters and effects we create come from the Directors and Producers who believe in us to fulfil their vision.

Here at Exilian Studios we offer fully comprehensive multi award winning services. 
 Some of these include:
 -Prosthetic Makeup Application
 -Wig Making
 -CAD Design
 -Mould making
 -Foam fabrication for character creation.
Exilian Studios is also equipped with some of the most advanced technologies in our industry.
 A few of these include:
 -3D Printing.
 -3D Scanning.
 -Laser Cutting.
 -Advanced Computer-Aided Design.
 -Silicone, Foam Latex, Gelatine Casting Equipment.
 -Fibreglass, Epoxy, Polyurethane & Stone Moulding Systems.
 -Vacuum Form Moulding Equipment.
With the use of these technologies we constantly achieve a great balance between high quality and value for money.
Exilian Studios has worked with a large selection of business for television in the UK including credits with ITV, BBC, FOX, SKY and Channel 4 commercials. So far we have had the pleasure of working with names such as Ian McKellan, Golden Globe awarded British actress  Amanda Donohoe, Samantha Bond, Arthur Darvill, SAGA winner Paul Barber and the BAFTA award winning actress Alison Steadman and the list continues to grow.
Exilian Studios Ltd offers you a personalised payment plan that fits you and your budget allowing you the flexibility to afford high-class services . Our aim is to bring you the highest quality product for the best price.