It’s easy to do great work when you are passionate about what you do. That’s why we’re committed to helping more people like you, every day.

We believe in helping new artists kick start their careers in Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics. Exilian Pro is a free program that helps new talent find a pathway into the industry. We constantly provide new tasks and experiences to challenge the creative minds whenever we can.

As a member of our Exilian Pro program, you will be granted opportunities to gain your first credits by working alongside highly regarded industry professionals on location for Commercials, Television and Movie Production. Not only will you be able develop your skills taking part in these unique activities you will gain a personalised CV with references from us. You will also be able to access our internal social network, building contacts and finding job listings as you go. 

Exilian Pro members are NOT taken on a first-come first-serve basis. We analyse every application thoroughly to take a limited amount of applicants each year that we feel meet the standards of Exilian Studios. It is also important to note that there is no age limit for applying, we take a range of artists from all different backgrounds. 

Exilian Pro benefits include:


  • Opportunities to work alongside highly regarded industry professionals. 
  • Educational Workshops Opportunities.
  • Opportunities for International trips/voluntary work experiences.
  • Access to our voluntary job-board for work experiences.
  • Product Discount.
  • Internal access to our social network.
  • Exclusive access to our online Library (Including Downloadable content) and more.
  • Opportunities for Exilian Studios exclusive sponsorship deals.

The program

The first year of your membership is completely free. However if you do plan to reapply for a secondary year with the program there is a fee for £60.00 which will be collected at the beginning of each year. 

As we entered the new year (2021) our program is now growing and becoming a recognised mentorship program for artists in the film & television industry. 


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You will be able to access our internal social network, building contacts and finding job listings as you go. Our Facebook membership page posts regular updates on upcoming projects, industry talks, classes and development of productions, which you have had the opportunity to work on. 


Our new WhatsApp group chat allows you to keep in touch with artists in your branch this is a social, fun and collaborative way to meet new people. 


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Access our job-board for voluntary work experiences. Some of our past members have worked on commercials for Pizza Express, Lamborghini, Pride In London, POP and Sony Movie Channel. Our alumni have also worked on independent feature films such as; Creatures, Help, Blade Of The Assassin, Mind-Set & most recently Last Man Down a swedish action thriller film starring Daniel Stisen, Olga Kent & Stanislav Yanevski (Whom played Viktor Krum in Harry Potter: The Goblet Of Fire).



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The Exilian Pro mentors provide opportunities for you to talk about yourself and what you would like to achieve through Exilian Pro. We aim to help individuals grow their skills and knowledge through work experiences and industry talks. Your mentors will help guide you through your strengths and help discover your path in the industry. What we would like to know are your goals and where you aim to be, what are your targets as a hair, makeup and prosthetics artist.


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Explore our achieve of educational videos hand-outs and downloadable content that we recommend for you to research!


In the FX Library you can find a collection of videos that we have selected with you in mind. All of videos have been uploaded and created by makeup artists/ schools/ publishers around the world featuring in-depth tutorials, live demos and talks about their careers & career building in the film and television industry. 


Multiple award-winning makeup designer. With a total of 8 years working professionally in the industry Theodore is most recently known for his work as department head + hair, makeup & prosthetics designer on Romanian feature film "Back 2 Back" produced by OSCAR award winning Alain Depardieu starring Florin Piersic, Stanislav Yanevski & Daniel Stisen. Theodore has performed makeups on Lady Francisco, Academy Award winning Leandro Firmino & Marlon Blue, Golden Globe winning actress Amanda Donohoe, BAFTA award winning Alison Steadman. He has studied a Master of Arts in Prosthetics & Sculpting awarded at the world-renowned Pinewood Studios, London. In 2020, Theodore was honoured awards for "creative makeup artist of the year" , "entrepreneur of the year" and nominated for a "lifetime achievement award" by the BHBA. 


Theodore has co produced feature films such as “The Land Of The Unloved” with Hollywood actress Sabina Lisievici and associate produced Swedish action feature film “Last Man Down” by Fansu Njie.


Ian is a leading international make-up artist with over 20 years experience in Film, TV, Theatre, Ballet, Opera, & Stage Musicals. He is also a sought after makeup tutor and lecturer with over 10 years teaching experience. His skill set includes: Lifecasting, Flat Moulding, Sculpting, Fibreglass Cores, Prosthetic Application, Airbrush, Body Painting, Body Art, Fashion, Character, SFX, Make-up Lead, Crowd Make-up, Basic Hair, Basic Wig Dressing, Theatre, Still Photography, TV, Ad-campaigns, Cat-walk, and Fashion Photography & Events. He has worked with personalities to include, Sir Ian McEllen, Eleanor Bron, Samatha Bond, Alison Steadman, Imelda Staunton, Amanda Donohoe, HRH Princess Royal, Christopher Biggins, Gok Wan to mention but a few.

Since 2020 Exilian Studios birthed a new company "Red Zebra Studios" a multi media film & television company based in Oslo, Norway. Red Zebra Studios provides 5,000 square feet of studio spaces for film productions and thanks to our many partners we offer services including pre-production, post-production editing, sound, screenwriting, photography, stunts, props, special makeup effects, 3D printing, 3D scanning and more...


Forging a new partnership with Exilian Studios and Red Zebra Studios brings a new network of up and coming filmmakers.
 Our shared belief for professional quality is echoed through our team who wish to provide more than a production space, by working with a team of experts under one roof that will bring your vision to life.

Like all great things, we started small. As our individual companies grew, so did our projects. It seemed natural to pool our resources with other like-minded people, with a shared vision and run with it. With some big projects on the horizon we don't plan on stopping any time soon.

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