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Explore our archive of educational videos that we recommend for you to watch!

Here in the FX - Library you can find a collection of videos that we have selected with you in mind. All of these videos have been uploaded and created by makeup artists/ schools/ publishers around the world featuring in-depth tutorials, live demos and informative talks about their careers & career building in the film and television industry. 


Donald Mowat - Makeup Designer | On The Fly Filmmaking. 
- By Popcorn Talk.

Jan Sewell on Turning Rami Malek into Freddie Mercury for Bohemian Rhapsody.
 - By BAFTA Guru.

Darkest Hour Featurette - Makeup (2017).
 - By Movieclips Coming Soon.

 - By London Real.

Inside the Game Of Thrones Prosthetics Studio.
 - By BAFTA Guru.

Making up Mrs Doubtfire 1993. 
- By Jack Traven.

Make-up Artist Michael Westmore. 
-By University of California Television.

Edward Scissorhands Makeup Artist Interview.
 - By Stan Winston School.


How Movie Monsters Are Made.
- Academy Originals

How Lifelike FX Creature Masks are Made. 
- By Tested.

Sculpting Prosthetics: Skin Textures.
-By Stuart Bray.

How to get the best dental alginate impressions. 
- By David Goldshaw.

Monster Lab #18: DIY Halloween Zombie Mask Sculpting Tutorial.
-By Distortions Limited.

How to airbrush silicone: Painting with PlatSil Gel-10. 
- By BITY Supply.

How to use our flatmoulds/run silicone prosthetics. 
-By Freakmo.

Monster Asylum - WED clay demo by Jonathan Fuller. 
-By Graham Smith.

Alien Soldier Sculpture Demo. 
-By Schell Sculpture Studio.

Molding a prosthetic pt1 The clay up.
- By Badass Bodypaint.

Run Foam, Run! 
- By Todd Debreceni.

How to: Take a Face Cast.
- By KlairedelysArt.

Creating A Core For Silicone Prosthetics With TC-1630 Casting Resin.
- By BITY Supply.

Flat-Moulding and Casting the Infected Knee Tutorial. 
-By Freakmo and Powdha.


Full Popeye Make-up Demo from Doctor Who and SNL Make-up Artists. 
-By Makeup artist Magazine.

Fixing Bad Edges.
-By Stuart Bray.

Kate Benton creates a viking makeup at IMAT's London. 
-By Pam London Makeup.

ABC Fishwoman Demo.
 - By Joel Harlow Designs.

Michael Davy How to Apply the Revulsion Water-Melon Appliance. -By Micheal Davy.

Nebula Transformation Timelapse | Legacy Effects. 
- By Marvel Studios Movies.

Special FX Makeup Tutorial - Foam Latex Prosthetic Application "Dweller".
-Make-up Designory. 

Vampire / Demon Prosthetic Make-Up & Painting Guide.
- Nimba Creations.

Laying Hair / Knotting Wigs

An introduction to hair punching.
- By Lars Carlsson.

Hand-laid hair. 
-By Todd Debreceni.

Beards and Sideburns. 
- PAM London Makeup.

Measuring a head for a wig.
-Lars Carlsson.

Hair Ventilation Basics: How to Knot Hair in Wig Lace.
- By Stan Winston School.

An introduction to washing a lace hair piece.
-By Lars Carlsson.

How-To Fake a Beard using a Flocking Gun!
- By Greene Street beauty.

Wild Hair and Beard Get Tamed by Barber.
-By BeardBand.

WICKED: Hair & Makeup: Wigs
-By Wickied the Musical.