Theodore Salisbury Demo At VIBE Beauty 
-By Exilian Studios Official

Full Popeye Make-up Demo from Doctor Who and SNL Make-up Artists. 
-By Makeup artist Magazine.

Fixing Bad Edges.
-By Stuart Bray.

Kate Benton creates a viking makeup at IMAT's London. 
-By Pam London Makeup.

ABC Fishwoman Demo.
 - By Joel Harlow Designs.

Michael Davy How to Apply the Revulsion Water-Melon Appliance. -By Micheal Davy.

Nebula Transformation Timelapse | Legacy Effects. 
- By Marvel Studios Movies.

Special FX Makeup Tutorial - Foam Latex Prosthetic Application "Dweller".
-Make-up Designory. 

Vampire / Demon Prosthetic Make-Up & Painting Guide.
- Nimba Creations.