How Movie Monsters Are Made.
- Academy Originals

How Lifelike FX Creature Masks are Made. 
- By Tested.

Sculpting Prosthetics: Skin Textures.
-By Stuart Bray.

How to get the best dental alginate impressions. 
- By David Goldshaw.

Monster Lab #18: DIY Halloween Zombie Mask Sculpting Tutorial.
-By Distortions Limited.

How to airbrush silicone: Painting with PlatSil Gel-10. 
- By BITY Supply.

How to use our flatmoulds/run silicone prosthetics. 
-By Freakmo.

Monster Asylum - WED clay demo by Jonathan Fuller. 
-By Graham Smith.

Alien Soldier Sculpture Demo. 
-By Schell Sculpture Studio.

Molding a prosthetic pt1 The clay up.
- By Badass Bodypaint.

Run Foam, Run! 
- By Todd Debreceni.

How to: Take a Face Cast.
- By KlairedelysArt.

Creating A Core For Silicone Prosthetics With TC-1630 Casting Resin.
- By BITY Supply.

Flat-Moulding and Casting the Infected Knee Tutorial. 
-By Freakmo and Powdha.