Our services

Makeup Artist.

Hire a makeup artist to work on your shoot. We have build a network of trained freelance makeup & hair artists that specialise in film and theatre makeup. 

Exilian Studios Limited have provided makeup teams for professional film productions and most recently commercials with world renowned  brands such as Sony Entertainment, Pizza Express, Lamborghini. 


At the studio we custom create unique prosthetics for movie production. We have highly trained sculptors, mould makers and prosthetic application artists at our disposal. 
We specialise in silicone and latex cast prosthetics using plate moulds and 3D-printed gravity pore moulds. We have gone on to supply prosthetics for feature films such as Last Man Down, Goitaca, Help, Dishonoured, Blade Of The Assassin & Back 2 Back.


With the mix of traditional techniques and advanced technology we are able to manufacture costumes of all styles including renaissance period clothing, armour, body suits and creature suits. 

Our artists have experience tailor fitting actors to their costumes. We have a range of artists that specialise in pattern making, screen printing, dyeing, foam fabrication and more. 


Props and breakaways a essential for all blockbuster style movies. That is why we have brought our computer engineers and traditional sculptors together to create a department dedicated to designing custom pieces and low cost. 

Our facilities allow us to 3D print replica weapons, mould and cast stunt safe props and deliver a high quality presents on screen. 

Set Design.

Partnered with Red Zebra Studios and Country Star Productions together we have created studio sets and set dressed many locations for feature films. The art department are the foundations of quality imagery for establishing shots in movie production. 

Set building can be done anywhere but without a great team it can't be done. Exilian Studios are that team. 


Select from a range of part parts and complete bodies that suit your needs. Our dummy bodies and replica heads are hand crafted using traditional methods & materials. 

We have supplied many productions with limbs, bodies and puppets including Dishonoured, Last Man Down, Creatures and Solstice On Frayne Fen.

Blood fx.

Blood FX and Air Pyrotechnics are very popular in the film world. They are often used in scenes with stabbings, gun shots, decapitations and slashed throats.

Exilian Studios are equips with industry standard air power squibs that can be controlled both remotely and wired. We are constantly providing these types of special effects for film productions.

Mould MAking.

Props, costume accessories to prosthetics and  all use some forms of mould to produce a copy of a one off object. 

We use moulds to create parts for films to save time and money when briefed to produce batches of prosthetic scars, guns and breakaway items. 

3D printing.

Resin printing is taking a huge step into the future making prototyping and batch manufacture sky rocket in quality by bringing your products resolution up to a jaw dropping 10 micro-meters which is 10 times more accurate than the conventional FDM printers found in most common workshops today.

Vaccum forming.

Vacuum forming is a brilliant way to create lightweight moulds of large and heavy items. Vacuum forming can also be used t create custom packaging for products and props. 

Exilian Studios is equipped with advance vacuum forming machines that can help you create cutting edge results for your projects. 

laser engraving.

Laser engraving unlocks new levels of details on products and items. We use LED laser engraving technology to etch details into materials such as plastics, foam, leather and wood. 

In the studio our designers can help you create amazing custom artworks on a quick turnaround. 

sfx classes.

Our course leader, Ian Massa-Harris. Ian is a specialist in Prosthetics, SFX, Historical, Character and Theatrical Makeup. He started his career in theatre & fashion but his talent and passion sent him towards specialist makeup.

Harris has worked with personalities to include, Sir Ian McEllen, Eleanor Bron, Samatha Bond, Alison Steadman, Imelda Staunton, HRH Princess Royal, Christopher Biggins, Gok Wan to mention but a few.