Down - Short film turns feature?!

No better way than to start the first day of 2020 listening to Director Garry Crystal talk about his Short film “Down” after winning the “People’s Choice” award at Aesthetica Film Festival. Tune into Garry’s plans for his newest projects and exciting news following one of his latest drafts!


Lady M - Short film

An ageing actress summons the spirit of Lady Macbeth in order to win the part in an upcoming production. The actress, Margot Collins, played Lady Macbeth to great acclaiming her youth. Now in her fifties, she is largely forgotten, struggling for auditions, let alone parts. But when a theatre company announces its intention to stage Macbeth, Margot is determined to land the eponymous role once more...

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3D printing Technology - Dimensions-3  

We now offer UN-3D printing services through our partners at Dimensions-3. Resin printing is taking a huge step into the future making prototyping and batch manufacture sky rocket in quality by bringing your products resolution up to a jaw dropping 10 micro-meters which is exactly 10 times more accurate than the conventional FDM printers found in most common workshops today.

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Samaritan - Post Production

Samaritan moves to post production now after filming in the city of Manchester. The story follows a muslim immigrant doctor, living in the forest off the grid, whom stumbles upon the body of native Englishman who voted to have him deported. The story was written by Dr Addy Raja and directed by Dustin Curtis Murphy, an award-winning filmmaker from Los Angeles. The films lead actors Peter O’Connor & Chris Kyriacou both feature in Netflix Original TV series “THE CROWN” season 3. The film will be released at the end of 2019 for the festival circuit. A shortened version will be released online.

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Beauty ViBE London - Seventa MakeuP Academy

Makeup Designer Theodore Salisbury step by step process using encapsulated silicone prosthetics, foamed latex brow covers, pro-bondo transfer prosthetics and sculpt gel to create a Burns Victim at Beauty Vibe London for Seventa Makeup Academy.

Sponsored by:
Seventa Makeup Academy.
Ten Image Professional UK.
Depixym Cosmetic Emulsion.
Beauty Vibe London.


Creatures - preproduction Has Begun!

“Today we had our first full production meeting and script read through for our upcoming creature feature, CREATURES. We’d like to thank the cast and crew for coming along today as it was such a great day meeting people we’ve only met digitally for the past few months”...

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Down - Trailer Released - Hollywood New’s

We are happy to premiere the new trailer for Down a short film starring Golden Globe-winning actress Amanda Donohoe and produced by Hidden Door Productions.

Down follows Alice, played by Donohue, and Ed, played by James Eeles (Darkest Hour, Black Mirror) as two strangers who are trapped together in a lift; one is slowly dying, the other is dying to escape. Ed has just attempted suicide and his life is slowly bleeding away. Alice has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and is torn between her desperate phobia of blood and her overwhelming desire to save his life. Is it possible that through this unfortunate and unlikely meeting they can help each other?

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(07/12/2019). Min 

Him & Her - BEst first time filmmaker award - LifToff global NETWORK

We are ecstatic to announce that Him & Her Won Lift-Off Global Network first time filmmaker sessions this means Him & Her will screen at the iconic Pinewood Studio's and Hollywood's Raleigh Studios.

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Kader ayd - director - Partnership

It gives us a great pleasure to finally announce film director Kader Ayd as our newest partner to Exilian Studios Ltd. Kader Ayd has gone on to direct projects such as the movie “Five Thirteen” starring Taryn Manning, Danny Trejo & Kenneth Choi and Feature film “Back 2 Back” starring Stanislav Yanevski, Florin Persic, Ionut Iftimoaie. We are very proud to be his official supplier of hair makeup and prosthetics for his production company Spartans Division based in Switzerland.

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Him & Her - Short Film - Multiple Awards

Alex and Sam's relationship hits a crossroads, when Alex reveals a big secret. As the high-school sweethearts spend their first night alone together, they have to confront their fears head-on.

We want to say a big congratulations to the team on winning x2 “Best LGBTQ Film Awards, Best Actor, Best Actress & Best First Time Filmmaker”!

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Bbc radio 1xtra - Promotional

Working with new clients and entering new territories helping some of London’s most wanted rap and grime musicians “MC Bushkin” and “Sweet P” produce adult humour promotional videos. 
More to follow next week...


Creatures - Feature Film

“If you loved the classics Night of the Creeps, Critters, Dead Heat, Ghoulies, They Live and Gremlins then you’re in for a real treat,” the makers of the upcoming horror film Creatures promise, and today they’ve unleashed early poster art for the film along with word that the old school-style, practical effects-heavy creature feature will be releasing Christmas 2020.

The action/sci-fi/horror-comedy comes from the director of Cute Little Buggers (Tony Jopia), the executive producer of The Hive (Romain Barbey), the creator of Good Tidings (Stu Jopia), and the puppet creation team behind “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” (Stitches and Glue).

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Down - Short Film - PEOPLE’s Choice award!

“Across the five-day run, festival-goers were invited to vote for their favourite film from the Official Selection. Chosen by audiences, this year’s People’s Choice Award was presented to Garry Crystal for the film Down, screening as part of the Drama category. The film is a claustrophobic short about two strangers trapped in a lift, starring Amanda Donohoe, James Eeles and Paul Barber”...

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#Followme II - Feature Film

“After three British women went missing from a motel in California, detectives are on the hunt for the cryptic killer but will they find him in time before he strikes again”...

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Goitaca - Feature Film

"Shot in the depths of the Brazillian Jungle, Goitaca is a tale, which thins the veil between the world we once knew of and the world only a few have ever made contact with"...

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Bald Cap Application Course 20/24 October.

Seventa Makeup Academy has teamed up with Exilian Studios Ltd to deliver a range of beginners SFX Makeup Courses.

Our course leader, Ian Massa-Harris. Ian is a specialist in Prosthetics, SFX, Historical, Character and Theatrical Makeup.

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Back 2 back - Feature Film

"Directed by Kader Ayd is currently shooting in Constanța, on the Black Sea coast. According to Romanian media, this action film is an original Netflix production. This the first film produced by founder of the Superkombat Fight Championship Eduard Irimia through Superfilm, a company he established together with Moshe Diamant and Christopher Milburn in 2018"...

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FX Library. 

Check out are new FX - Library on our webpage.
Explore our archive of educational videos that we recommend for you to watch!

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Blade of the assasin - Feature Film

"Two assassin sisters (Sophie Reed & Claudia Grace Mckell), caught up in a battle for their lives, pushed to their limits in a brutal battle to stay alive after unknowingly taking on a job that puts them at the fury of a group of crime bosses"...

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Down - Short Film

Two strangers are trapped in an elevator. One is dying; the other is dying to escape. Rhode Island International "Best Screenplay" - Down  a film by Garry Crystal is a dark comedy which takes you on a journey navigating suicide and mental health...
Screening in Bolton Film Festival: October 2nd, Light Cinema.8:30pm.

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